What Makes Our Road Trips Unique?


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Our road trips are unique in the way they mix fitness, fun and good food all helping to bring together people who have traveled from near and far to share their love of fitness and their passion for Cathe and her exercise videos.

But what really makes our road trips special is the lasting friendships that are made and the wonderful feeling of being around such a positive group of people who share the same interest in being fit. This is something that words can't adequately explain, instead it has to be experienced.

Most of the pics we post we will be about the classes during this weekend, but we thought we would share some miscellaneous pics of our meals and other events that are also important in making our road trip weekends truly special.

DSC_1535.jpg DSC_1550.jpg DSC_1558.jpg DSC_9430.jpg DSC_9434.jpg DSC_9440.jpg DSC_9453.jpg DSC_9476.jpg DSC_9509.jpg
Not there with you guys, but the above statement is so true. Through Cathe and her RTs I have made lasting friendships. Most of our interaction is on the net till the RT rolls around, but some of us have had our own GTGs at different times. These are people who lift me up when I am down and cheer me on when needed. We revel in our victories and cry with each other in our defeats. I could go on and on, but I get teary eyed thinking about it.

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