What are symptoms of perimenopause?


Can anyone tell me? I'm only 33, but lately have been getting hot (sweaty) alternated with cold during the few nights before my period. Also, I don't have a clear day 1 anymore (ie spotting in the few days before).
I posted a thread awhile ago about those night sweats too and I'm 35. It doesn't happen every month, but I did notice it's before TTOM. Sometimes I would have to change up to three times a night. I did talk to a doctor at that time and he did some blood work and all the hormone levels came back OK. Maybe talk to your OB/GYNE?

I'm sure you'll get some helpful advice here. I just thought I'd post my experience with it.

Good luck!

Thanks Dallas, your post is reasurring. I hope I'm not perimeno as I still want to have kids.
Perimenopause is not the only cause of night sweats, so please do talk to your doctor.

Taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules helped me until this year. I switched to Black Cohosh and had a reduction in frequency & severity of night sweats. You may read that neither has been shown effective in controlled studies. My Gyn laughed, & said it didn't matter as long as it worked for me.

Usually the first signs of perimenopause are very irregular periods (light to heavy to spotting) & coming every 2 weeks instead of once a month or skipping periods altogether. You usually don't have hot flashes/night sweats until later on but this was just my experience. Other symptoms are feeling bloated & some weight gain especially in midsection. You need to check w/your OB/GYN. Your awfully young to be going through this. A good indication is to ask your mother how it went for her. Its usually hereditary. HTH, Kathy
Generally speaking, all manner of irregularities could signal the start of it: lighter periods, longer distances between periods, menstrual migraines, yes, hot flashes, spotting at odd times, beginning bleeding earlier or later than usual even if taking hormonal birth control, all sorts.

It seems highly unlikely, Shaz, that that is the cause. Much more likely to be yet another aspect of PMS. I have had them all, including having chills. (Yesterday and today I have been so irritable my DH guessed what time of the month it was).

But at your age, I wouldn't worry about the M word. I'm sure it's still a long way off.

There are many more symptoms. If you do a search on the in internet this will help you.

My symptoms were:

Periods farther apart
weight gain
waking up frequently during the night
major anxiety
forgetting words
vaginal dryness
reduced libido

This started for me when I was 41. I have a handle on it now but talk about a major PAIN.
Thanks for all the advice and info. I'll see if it continues and maybe see a doctor. My experience (in the UK) is that unless you are dying they really aren't interested, so its always a last resort for me!
There are a variety of symptoms that can be pinned on perimenopause and everyone is different. I'd say that it's a gradual process though and your hormones could very well be subtly changing at your age.

When I was about your age I started having night sweats but only the night before my period started. It continued until I had my fourth and last baby at 41 years old. The pregnancy hormones changed my symptoms but they returned as soon as I stopped breast feeding. This time the night sweats were much more frequent and a huge nuisance. My periods were on time then stopped along with the night sweats for about three months. Two months ago they both reappeared in full force!! I told my husband that it's just not fair that women not only have to go through puberty but reverse puberty as well! :)

I've tried progesterone cream (did nothing), black cohosh (seemed to help with the night sweats), testosterone cream (I'm my old self again with this one) eating more soy based products (don't know if it helps or not but it's good for me in any case).

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