Welcome! Glassboro Road Trippers

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July 27 - July 29: We Look forward to seeing everyone who signed up for our Glassboro Road Trip in just a few more days! Are You REAAAADDDDYYY?

We plan on streaming live many of the classes and events, so tell your friends and family they will be able to watch the Glassboro road trip on their computer and/or mobile device. This year were going to broadcast using some just released technology that will allow us to stream at a much higher quality and without those annoying commercials.

To watch the road trip you just need to go to our livestream main page on the day and the time of the event ( https://new.livestream.com/cathedotcom ) and click on the event you what want to watch. We’ve already listed several events that we plan on broadcasting on our launch page, but we may also add some unannounced events during the weekend. To make sure you don’t miss anything go to https://new.livestream.com/cathedotcom and click on the "follow button" now!

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