Hi girls,

How'd the July 4th stuff go?

My eating has once again been ordinary! But I was happy with my workout today. I did my own mish mosh of weight training, bis, sholders and chest. Tonight I did the step cardio pre mix of cardio fusion.

For a change I started off with an 8 inch step. OMG!!! If you want to fry your legs, get that heart rate up - thats the way to go! Please note : "I started off with an 8 inch step." Once it got to the Body Max combos and blasts the step very quickly went down! LOL. WAAAAAY too hard.

Enjoy your Saturday. I have a weekend free of commitments and I like it! :)

Good Morning,

Spent yesterday at the lake on a boat and got fried, so today there will be no sunshine for me, it's cloudy and raining anyway. Todays workout will be SJP for the first time. I plan on spending the day cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping, then helping my DH paint.

Andrea-good workout sounds like a toughy.

Everyone that follows have a great saturday.
Hi challengers,

Andrea: Great WO. eight inch step just kills my knees and too intense for me. Six inches is as high as I go for the low impact WOs.

Roxie: take care of that sunburn.

No workout for me. I am still nursing my glute area. It has iritated my sciatic nerve. So, I am like Roxie doing laundry and cleaning the pool today. We plan to go and see fireworks tonight.

Hi everyone.

Here's what I've been up to. Wednesday night was spin class and more leg work. I was fried on Thursday so no workout. Thursday night we went to the movies and saw Hancock. It was a cute movie. The town where the theater was had their fireworks show so we stayed for part of that. Friday we had a funeral of a friend's father to go to. Then we went with some of DH co-workers for a cook out/pool party and then fireworks. Today DH and I went for a bike ride. DH had fixed up our bikes last weekend so now we have no real excuse not to use them although I'm sure we'll think of some. LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Hi ladies.

I love weekends when you havn't got heaps on! I have had a really nice weekend! Played and rode my horse, with my daughter riding along beside (too too cute), and housework (not so cute) and workouts that I've invented!

I wasn't using an 8 inch step but three risers on each side so whatever inch that is. Its tough tough tough on legs. I used it again today doing some Low Max. I also did gym styles back, biceps and sholders.

I am envious of you ladies that can get your hubbies to go bike riding or walking with you. Mine won't. He's too busy, doing manly stuff!! LOL.


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