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Hi -
I have been using this site for years now on a daily basis. Lately I have been encountering some problems.

First problem started a few months ago - when I logged in using my usual username and password, I got a popup saying my login was invalid. However I am still able to access the site in spite of this message, so I have just been clicking the OK button and going on. Although I'm able to work around this problem, it's annoying. Can you get it fixed?

However, today I was trying to download the July Cathe rotation and place it in my calendar, and I can't get it to work. I go through the whole flow, I click the check box to place it in my calendar, I press "save and exit" button, and the dialog spins for a while and then goes away and nothing has been placed in my calendar. I am using Chrome browser on a mac. I usually download my rotations Chrome on a Windows PC, so maybe it's a browser issue? I logout and log back in and still the rotation is not appearing in the calendar.

I'd appreciate your effort to get the site working better. I really like using it to track my workouts. Your rotations are an awesome way for me to keep the variety in my workout program and challenge myself without having to spend a lot of time choosing the workouts myself.


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You have to login through the forums, not the Workout Manager and everything will work fine. We're aware of the issue you have reported, but this is not something we will have time to work on until our App is finished.
I know the thread is already 4 years old and the issues listed above have been fixed, however could you please tell me how you have fixed the issue with the popup saying login invalid? I am setting my own website right now, and I am having a similar issue right now, and i just cannot figure it out. Don't really think it has to do something with the fact that it is going to be an online store. I tried a lot of things while trying to fix it, however nothing really works out. I just got a magento 2 partial payment for my website, and i cannot connect it to the website yet due to this issue.
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Hi Stewart, there could be a million different reasons for the error message you're referring to. It's just a general error message. What we did in our case wouldn't have any relevance to your site or any other site as we have our own custom code.

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