WB problem solved... well, sort of


I have had nothing but problems using WB on my main computer. So, after discovering that it looked like a conflict with other software, I decided to try and install WB on the family computer. It is older and has Windows XP on it. (My main computer is running Windows 7).
Success. It's kind of a hassle because I have to copy my files onto my USB stick but at least I came up with a succesful blender workout. :D
I just had to come back and add.....
no matter what I name my Blender workouts, as soon as I copy them into iTunes, they ALL become Workout #1, no matter what.
Glad it worked for you.
I have a desktop running Vista, and a laptop running XP and the blender is on the laptop running XP....and there is only one of the new workouts that I can get to load into the blender.
I posted in another forum about it. :(

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