WB not working again


This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time I downloaded the workout blender, I was able to create videos right away with no problem. Then a few days later, my new workous completely disappeared out of the workout blender and when I tried to create new ones, it wouldn't do anything. I would name the workout and hit save and nothing would happen. So we followed directions from previous posts on reinstalling the workout blender and dragging the folder "cathe" into the recycle bin, etc. Everything was working fine for a few days, and then when I opened the workout blender yesterday morning, my workouts had disappeared again and I can no longer create new videos. My operating system is Windows 7. Any suggestions?
Hello susanw,

We have not had this happen to us yet, but we have passed the information to the head developers in order to have them try to recreate your problem. Are there any changes that may have happened on your computer, possibly updates to Windows, Quicktime, or Adobe AIR? Any information you may have about that could help us out. Thank you!
Hi Curt, Thanks for gettting back to me. Windows 7 is up-to-date and is updated regularly, quick time is at version 7.6.8, and has not been updated since installation of the workout manager. We don't have adobe air. Is that something we need on the computer? I don't know if either workout blender problem occurred after a windows update. Should I try the solution you suggested on October 28 of dragging the cathe folder to the recycle bin and starting over for the second time and see if it works? Do you think the new workout blender will resolve this issue and when will it be available?
Even though I've had some problems with this, I love this workout blender and can't wait to make more workouts! Thanks again. Susan

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