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Trouble creating custom video

So I now have a new computer and I am able to import the videos without it freezing, but now when I click on "create video", it freezes and I get a message stating "creating your video, please be patient" and a gauge that says 10%, I left the window open all night, and in the morning, the screen said the same thing and it hadn't done anything.
The operating system is Windows 7-64bit.
Any advice?
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So I tried the "For Users with 80% Complete or Videos Not Importing Problems" advice and it worked!! finally, I'm so happy. It didn't think this would work because it wasn't really and "importing problem". My videos imported properly, it was just with "creating" them that I had trouble. But now it works!! Woohoo!!
It was time to buy a new computer anyway, I think my old computer was clogged with viruses and what not because I couldn't even get my old computer to import the videos even after going through the "For Users with 80% Complete or Videos Not Importing Problems " steps.
It takes maybe a half hour to "create" an hour video. Sometimes it gets to the 50%-55% mark and looks like it is going to get stuck, but then all of a sudden it goes to 100% and is complete.
Now I've been creating my own STS/Cardio crosstraining videos.

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