Has anybody done the new Taebo workout it comes in series of 4 videos and you have to purchase them together?Is it great workout?Is it like kick-boxing with karate moves and did you feel like you got a awesome workout? More than 1 response would be great.Thanks...
Tae Bo

I have them. I like the intro tape, the basic tape and (as an adjunct to other routines) the 8-minute workout. I find the advanced tape has some very bothersome flaws, especially in symmetry (see my review on the Video Fitness web page for specifics). I seem to be in the minority, however, as the glitches in the advanced tape don't seem to bother many other people. For a good kickboxing workout, I would suggest "Power Kicks with Aaron Lankford".
Tae Bo

I have both Tae Bo and Power Kicks (thanks Kathryn like I needed to spend more money LOL) and IMHO Power Kicks is the better workout.

The reasons I like Tae Bo and am keeping it is because it is high energy and Billy is a great motivator. I like the music it is upbeat, but the moves can be dangerous IMHO because he goes extremely fast in the Advanced tape. Also the symmetry is a problem, but I just alternate, one time do the tape as a mirror image and reverse the next time (that is when I remember). I do like the ab work, but the floorwork on all fours leaves something to be desired; what I mean is while it is hard, he does it on hands and knees which I thought was outdated. Also there is not an adequate warm up or cool down on the Advanced tape. That said, the Basic and Sprint are fun tapes, and the Basic can be made tougher by staying on your toes more.

As far as Power Kicks, I feel this one more in my glutes and shoulders than Tae Bo, and like Tae Bo it keeps me in my heart range. What is annoying about this video is the background exercisers. They are out of beat and are hardly in what I would call "video shape." I personally think he should have left them out of the tape, but if you focus on Aaron it's no biggie.

If you've never tried kickboxing or boxing style workouts, get Power Kicks first before spending over $50 for something you are not sure you'd like JMHO.


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