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I am still having this problem that others have described: When I try to drag the file from my itunes movies to the workout blender, the files will not import. I see the red number 1, but the files will not import

A window pops up that says-"importing files- please do not move your original files (the one you just dropped into the workout blender from its present location") but no files ever import into the workout blender.

I am using a PC running Vista

I am not trying to import out of iTunes and I can't find a Cathe folder. Please help.:(
Still can't get videos to import.

I have tried deleting all the files and folders and reinstalling the Workout Blender 3 times, but it still won't import my videos. I'm the only one using a PC (Vista) that seems to have this problem. It seems that the program is locking up as soon as I drag a video over. Please help!
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Hello lakelady56,

Have you tried the process outlined in:

This has worked for others experiencing the problems you are having in Vista. If you have, let me know and we can go from there. I just need to know that you have gone through these processes in order to troubleshoot. Thanks!
Still can't get videos to import.

I did the process you suggested and still no luck. It seems to lock up right after I drag the video to the workout blender. I get the message box that tells me not to move the original video, a second "Drag your Cathe videos her to import" box appears, but then nothing else happens and the computer locks up.

I also have Windows Vista and I was having the same problem you are having - also the advice in the other forum threads did not help me either.

I did figure out my issue on my own (and it's simple) so maybe it will work for you. *crossing my fingers*

When you download WB, 2 new folders are automatically created (one for your downloaded videos and one for your newly made WB videos). One of the new folders is named "FILES" - this is the folder that was created specifically for your downloaded videos. What you need to do is move all of your downloaded videos into that folder. Just cut and paste them. Then, once they are in that specific folder, you simply drag them from there into the WB.

I know it seems silly that you cannot drag the videos from anywhere on your hard drive into WB. But for some reason, on Vista, I could not. I had to cut them from my Itunes movies folder and paste them into the "FILE" folder and then drag them into WB.

I really hope this helps you because I know it's frustrating when you can't get the program to work.
In addition, once I managed to get my videos to import, I had a second problem that you might run into.

The problem was that once I pushed the "create video" button, the percentage bar would get to 80% and then freeze for hours. So, I couldn't actually create a video. The forum thread link posted above will help you if you run into that problem.
annabellr11 and lakelady56,

Thanks for helping out with the troubleshooting! It makes sense that when you drag the videos into the Files folder first that it may allow the process to happen without incident. A problem we are noting is that if you do not have permission to write to the folder that the Blender creates in your Documents folder, then the Blender fails to import the videos correctly. I do have a question for both of you: are you using Vista 64 bit version, or Vista 32 bit? We only seem to be seeing these odd problems with permissions with the 64 bit version so far.
Still no blending

:( Tried moving some videos to the files folder, but it still won't work. Please help!
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I've tried several more things, but I still can't get any of my videos to load into the Blender. Have you thought of anything else I can try? I'm really anxious to start making my own workouts.

I'm having similar problems. I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. At first, I was having the 80% problem when trying to create a video. I followed the process Curt outlined in another thread. Then, my videos wouldn't import. I tried copying and pasting them to the Workout Blender Files folder as suggested earlier in this thread and still no luck.
Also, I uninstalled the blender and then re-installed it just to see if that would make a difference, but now am having the 80% problem again.

I guess the Workout Blender and Vista just aren't wanting to work together. I hope there is a fix to this soon. I too am very eager to create my own workouts!


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