Video Clip of Cathe's Totally Toned Legs Live


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This video clip is from Cathe's "Totally Toned Legs" that was first broadcast on Thursday, June 18th on Cathe Live and is our 56th live broadcast.

Get ready to get your legs "bikini ready" with this totally intense leg focused workout. You'll start with a series of standing leg exercises (both on and off the step) mixed with some paper plate burners followed by floorwork finishers that are named that for a reason, wink!

Side Note: The stepis used strictly as a sculpting choreography. We will be up on three risers per side but feel free to modify the step height to suit your level of comfort.

Equipment needed for this workout:

A full-sized step with three risers under each side
Handweights: A set of 10's 12 and 15's
One paper plate ( or disc)
A fitness mat

The full class is about 56 mins long and is available to Cathe Live and OnDemand subscribers at

*Now you can workout with Cathe almost every week at her Gym no matter where you live! All broadcasts are recorded and may be viewed whenever you like 24/7.Sign Up today! Learn more about Cathe Live and OnDemand or sign up at

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