Video Clip of Cathe's Legs With Weights & Stability Ball


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This video clip is from Cathe's (Thursday's March 5th at 9:15am EST) "Legs With Weights & Stability Ball" Live lower body workout and is our 41 st Cathe Live production.

We will be working the legs in grouped sets. Three leg exercises repeated for three sets and so on. After the grouped sets we will pull out our mat and stability ball for more leg work !!!

Equipment Needed...
High Step (with three risers under each side) totaling 10 inches.... Modify higher or lower if preferred). The high step will be used for only a few exercises.
One set of 15 pound dumbbells (have a lighter set on hand in case 15's feel too heavy on a given exercise)
A barbell loaded with whatever weight you use for heavy deadlifts...
We will only be doing deadlifts with the barbell so no weight changes will be required. Dumbbells may be substituted if you don't have a barbell. Note: You will also have the option to use the barbell for Plie Squats but handweights are fine too.
A stability ball
A Paper Plate or Disc
A fitness mat

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I tried to play this and there is only 7 min available....??? Is it not available in its entirety?
Thank you!

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