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Just want to give everyone an update on the stats in the Workout Manger not working.

The Workout Manger is our online workout tracking software that was developed by many different developers over many years for us. Since so many people worked on this in the past we've had to spend some time re-learning and studying the reasons for the stats not now working.

The problems we found were caused by the server move and the new software that the new server uses. The Workout Manager uses what are called PHP scripts and since many of these PHP scripts are old they no longer work correctly on the new server which uses a much safer and more up to date version of PHP.

Our investigation found that several database files failed to transfer to the new server. We've now corrected this issue, but when we ran the cron job to update everyone's stats it caused the database to lock. This is probably the result of some older deprecated PHP scripts that need to be updated. This shouldn't be too hard to do, but we're afraid that doing so and re-running the cron job update could knock the server off line for several minutes, thus interrupting or preventing customers from watching their OnDemand videos.

To minimize impact and risk we've decided to first test our fixes on our secondary backup server that is under construction. This will allow us to hopefully test without having to risk crashing our primary server. This means it will probably not be until next week that we can fix this issue. We apologize for the delay, but we feel that proceeding with caution is the best alternative as we're not sure which scripts and queries have an issue. Testing on a live site is just too dangerous.

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Stats Now Fixed?

We think we have now fixed the stat issue in the WM. Can some of you please verify this and let us know if everything is working now?


Yay! It's back!! Thanks so much for all your hard work and everything you do to keep this website and forum a great place for us Cathe fans!

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