Update on my 2013 not-so-successful success story--New Success!


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UPDATE: My earlier post was years ago. I didn't stick with it, and by last September, I was up to 194 lbs. (I'm 5'3"). A health assessment at work and a picture of me in the newspaper were the last straws. I do not want to end up with lifestyle related diseases and be decrepit in my older years!! I found an old Fitbit, and started walking, trying to get in the 10,000 steps a day. That Fitbit wasn't adequate for my needs, so I got one with a HR monitor. I started doing the ICE series, along with all the walking, with lots of modifications, and I started using myfitnesspal.com to log my food, and started trying to keep total calories to between 1200-1400 a day. I started all this on September 30, 2017, and by early November, I was pretty fired up, so I got the Fitbit Ionic to track even more stuff. Fast forward to today, and I just finished my 4th ICE rotation (the first two totally ICE rotations, ICE and XTrain, ICE and RwH), and I'm about to start ICE with S&S. I've lost 39 pounds, and I've gone down a pants size and a bra band size. I feel GREAT. I've had a bit of a setback since mid-January as my husband had back to back retinal detachments and was blind for a couple of weeks, but I was able to start back last week. I find I really enjoy the exercise, and I have to make myself take rest days. Again, allowing myself to make modifications and to take time off if I have to have been major mental breakthroughs. These are MY workouts, and I will make them work for ME. Thanks so much to Cathe for the ICE series, as it allowed me to get back into exercise at a more reasonable level for me. I am finding that I am really the most fit I've ever been. I am stronger, and I am more comfortable in my skin than ever before, and I'm 52! I am fortunate enough to have a husband who is a lifetime fitness junkie, and we have a home gym. I already had all my old light weights, and he had bought everything from 20s on up, but I needed those in betweens, so I no have 17 1/2s and 22 1/2s while I work my way up from 15s and 20s. I had never used 15s before on anything other than one armed rows and deadlifts, so this is a big deal. My core is stronger than ever as well. I've had people tell me I've inspired them to take care of themselves! So, it is ALL good, and being fit has helped me deal with my husband's temporary blindness and medical needs with calm and equanimity as well (that, and he's been an amazingly good sport about it all, considering). So again, thanks to Cathe and for the supportive folks on these boards!
Congrats!! Thank you for sharing all that. Very impressive!! It is so motivating and inspiring to know that changes and improvements can be made in our 50s. I love that you had to get 22.5s!!

Good luck to you and your husband. Thanks again for sharing your story!

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