Type Of Workouts Cathletes Need To Work On For Road Trip 2018

Wondering what type of Cathe Workouts that we should need to work on? Cathe has so many! Or is it a complete surprise? I am just nervous because Cathe has so many exercises and I am afraid that I am going to look like a complete dork when I am at her Road Trip 2018. I am familiar with most of them, but it would be nice to know what to pin point before the Road trip? If Cathe doesn't want to say that is fine! I understand. Thanks!
The workouts usually include a kickbox workout, a spin workout and a step workout. Friday night is usually a yoga flow workout. Saturday night is usually a Zumba dance party. Sunday morning is often (but not always) a mishmosh type of workout, sometimes ending with a big circle with everyone choosing a favorite move for the group to do. Sometimes there is a bootcamp style workout on Saturday. Any of the things I've listed above could certainly change. Cathe often likes to surprise us, but sometimes she'll give us more info as we get closer.

So there are a few things you can "practice" beforehand, but it's impossible to really know exactly what we'll be doing. Since you've done her workouts before, you should be fine. I'm sure you won't look like any more of a dork than the rest of us! (Take a glimpse of me doing kickbox somewhere in the back and I'm sure you'll feel better! ;) )

Looking forward to meeting you!! It will be a blast!
Hey jodijodi! I don't do spin. If you don't spin then what happens? Do you don't take it and take a break? Thanks for replying jodijodi! I really appreciate it
You can take a break. Or just have a seat and watch. It looks like there will be a DJ for the spin, so watching and singing may be great fun.
What Melissa said...you can hang out, or play around with the machines at the gym, or take photos, or take a shower, or whatever. It's all good.

But I will put in a little plug for trying the spin class even if you don't do spin. If there's ever a time to give it a try, it's at a Road Trip, with your favorite instructor, a great DJ, on a professional quality bike, with your adrenaline pumping and 104 friends at your side. Just sayin' ;-)

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