Turf Toe?


Does anyone have experience with Turf Toe? Basically, it is a sprain of the first toe join of the big toe. It happens a lot to football and soccer players. It's cause by turning or pivoting on the big toe while in full flexion. I think I did it during a step workout back in October. Sometimes I can barley walk on the foot, and other times it feels perfectly fine until I do a lunge, with that big toe as the anchor in the back. Forget about that. It seems to not be that bad of a sprain, and I have decent range of motion otherwise. No swelling. Just can't flex it and put pressure on it at the same time.... and that is necessary for many things like dance. I do ballroom dancing, and I don't think I could right now, given how it can't seem to take the pressure. Feels like it should be healed by now. Guess I will have to go to the podiatrist.
Sorry to hear of your injury. If it were a sprain I think it should have healed by now. I agree with you - probably time to seek medical advice.

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