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I have just found this website, and I'm so excited! I've always done step classes at the health club, but I've been reading rave reviews about Cathe's videos for the past couple of years. And now I see that the step queen is prego and still going strong. What an inspiration! My workout for the past 6 years has been cycling April-Sept, and step aerobics, box aerobics, and weights Oct-March. My husband and I are trying to conceive, and I don't think I'll have time for the gym much this fall (we already have 4 kids whose sports schedules are getting crazier every year!) Anyway, I want to start working out at home in the mornings. What videos would you suggest that I try while we're trying to conceive and during my pregnancy?

Thanks, Cindy

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Hi Cindy! Welcome to the website! If you are not actually pregnant yet, you will be able to do all of my videos except for Intervalmax. The reason I do not suggest Intervalmax is because this workout is designed to push you above and beyond your aerobic capacity bringing your fitness level to new heights. When you are trying to get pregnant the ideal situation for you to be in is for your fitness level to be at a plateau. Therefore, it is not recommended that you train like a competitve athlete or push yourself above and beyond your current comfort zone. Other things to help put you in the ideal conceiving situation is to eat healthy and maintain a normal and healthy level of bodyfat. You may even want to ask your doctor if he/she would suggest that you start on prenatal vitamins.

As for my videos, they are all fine to do as is now(with the exception of Intervalmax). Again, your goal while doing them is to just maintain your current level of fitness. I also have strength videos to supplement the step aerobic videos. Since you have already had classes at the health club, you should be fine with all of my advanced level tapes. Some of the tapes step at faster speeds than others so in case that is something you are sensitive to, I will put down which are faster/slower step speeds. Mega Step Blast, Step Jam, Step Heat, Step Max,and Powermax are all tough videos that step at a slower, but definitely not too slow, speed. Step Fit, Maximum Intensity Cardio(which has hi/lo impact aerobics plus step), Stepworks, Bodymax(which has circuit weight training in the middle), are all at a faster pace. Again, feel free to do all of these with any necessary modifications and at a step height that you are used to using while you are "trying".

Once you become pregnant and upon your doctors approval, you will still be able to do the tapes as long as you comfortably can. You will need to drink PLENTY of fluids(water)at all times but especially while you are working out. You want to be working hard but your breathing should still be under control. You do not ever want your breathing to become very labored while working out. If it should, modify the intensity accordingly. As your pregnancy progresses, you will need to modify your stepping and all cardio activities to accomodate your postural changes and balance issues. Your ligaments and joints will soften to help prepare for delivery. Therefore, you may not feel as stable and centered in your workouts. When this becomes an issue, lowering your step height is a wise idea. As far as weight training is concerned, traditional abdominal crunches should be discontinued at four months. You abdominal exercises should be substituted at this time with exercises that mostly put you in an all fours or seated position(see other threads in this pregnancy forum by Sheila Watkins for exercise descriptions). Kegel exercises should be a main part of your exercise routine too(this exercise is actually excellent to do before, during, and after your pregnancy). Also other exercises that have you flat on your back, such as a flat bench press can be modified to an incline position. Now I have just quickly highlighted some key points here, however, I'd rather strongly suggest that you read all of the other related threads in this pregnancy forum that either I, or Sheila Watkins, our perinatal expert, has answered. You will find some very valuable information and more detailed answers to some of your questions there. Some thread titles, in particular, that you should read are "Hi Intensity/ Hi Impact", "Ab Exercises During Pregnancy", "Weight Training", and "Still Working Out At 34 Weeks".

Good Luck!

P.S. In case you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the pregnancy forum, notice that there is a [1] and [2] listed under the icons on the MAIN pregnancy forum page(in other words go to the top of this page and click on "main"). The first 20 threads will automatically appear, but the second twenty(which is where most of the above titles that I have listed are)need to be brought up by clicking on the [2]. Happy Reading

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