Travel Fit included in free downloads?


As long as you have already pre-ordered the entire Shock Cardio series or do so by October 31 st you will receive a coupon good for a free download of all the Shock Cardio workouts.

If we ordered "STS Shock Cardio 11 DVD Discount Bundle + Travel Fit DVD", will we also get the Travel Fit download?

Either way, I'm thrilled about the downloads. Just curious.


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If your ordered just the entire Shock Cardio series and not Travel Fit your download coupon will only be good for the 11 Shock Cardio workouts.

If you ordered the entire Shock Cardio series and Travel Fit your coupon will work for all 11 Shock Cardio series workouts and Travel Fit.


I wasnt planning on any downlaods since I own 100% of Cathe's collection - until you mentioned the travel fit. I forgot all about that and how nice it will be to have that on my computer and IPOD at all times when I travel - I wont have to 'remember' to bring the travel fit DVD with me!!! SWEET!!!

And a super high 5 for all the things SNM is doing!!!

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