Time to Buy New Shoes


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Hi Everyone

Please give me some ideas for new workout/cross training shoes. I always look to my clathlete buddies to help me out with this!

Thank you!:eek:


I always end up with Asics. I've tried MANY sneakers over the years and keep going back to Asic. Personally I like the heel cushion and lateral support. Those are my only real requirements. Sometimes running shoes have great heel cushion too. I guess it depends on what you're looking for and what your feet need.

I've made a spectacle of myself in sports stores while trying on shoes.......hopping, high knee jogs, lateral skates, pop squats......yeah that's right! Keeping my feet in working order! Nothing like a new pair of sneaks!! :D


I love Asics, but have had good luck with Ryka lately. The Ryka have a larger toe box which I have found I need recently.


I've never had any problems with Ryka so I just stick with them. I have 4 pairs for various things and also I don't like to wear the same pair 2 days in row. I try to buy them when I can find a really good sale so I always have good shoes because with all the working out, I can go through them fast.

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