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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Mar-02-02 AT 05:48AM (Est)[/font][p]Hi everyone - After trying Cathe for the first time (PowerMax), I'm really hooked. I do PowerMax every Friday, and through the week I do Kari Anderson (Classic Step) and Gay Gasper (CIA 2104) - as a 'break'. But I'm ready to splurge on a second, possibly third Cathe workout.

I've heard good things about BodyMax and Circuit 'whatever' (sorry! can't keep all these names straight)

Any suggestions what would be a good video to add to my collection? Thanks.
Hi. Just wondering what you were looking for in your next video.....step, hi/lo, kickboxing, strength training, etc. Thanks.

:) Stacy
Hi Stacy,
I'm looking for a combo of step and strength training (because I tend to neglect the strength training, but I also LOVE step). Also looking for a good hi/lo workout (without the step) - just for a change. Any suggestions? Thanks!
I have both those videos. Body max has step and endurance based lifting. It's a long tape and I split it up. Circuit max is hi-low, some step kickbox and step and has light weight circuits. It is a new workout and that's why it gets my vote. I like working out with up to date music and clothes. It's tough too and clocks in at about an hour so it is easier to fit in to a schedule. Have fun!
I was going to say Body Max. I don't think you will reap any strength gains from Circuit Max unless you are very new to working out. It just doesn't have enough repetitions and the weight isn't heavy enough. I also think Body Max is tougher in terms of cardio. Plus it has ab work (aside from planks which Circuit Max has). Jeanne
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Mar-02-02 AT 06:02PM (Est)[/font][p]I was thinking CTX might be the thing for you (if you can spend that much at one time!) It has 5 tapes with a short cardio session followed by weight work for a specific upper body part. Then one tape is solely for the legs. The cardio sections are as follows: 2 of all stepping, 1 of all kickboxing, and then 2 that have hi/lo, step, and kickboxing. It is such a fun series! I highly recommend it! And I can't remember who posted it, but Body Max is a good suggestion too, although the cardio section is all step.

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