This Thursday, June 12th Cathe Live Class Will Be:

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Equipment needed....

Barbell (with a set of small, med & large plates)

Hand Weights (sets from 5 to 15 pounds)

Full Sized Step (with enough risers to function as a bench)

Class will start around 9:15 am eastern time on June 12th,2014


Loved this class (again)

I wrote out the weights and excercises I used - for those that haven't yet tried the class, it was a High Reps Total Body workout. My weights weren't quite right, but it'll give you something to go off. Note - I use kg not lbs (multiply by 2.2 for lbs) and i'd done HiiT 40/20 earlier in the day (so my legs were probably a bit pathetic!)

Warm-up 2.5kg (5.5lb)
Squats BB 15kg (33lb) (maybe a bit light?)
Biceps BB 10kg (22lb) - high reps, fried me!
Hammer curls DB 2x4kg (8.8lb)
Lunges DB 2x 6kg (Cathe used a BB, but I couldn't be bothered to change the weights - I may go heavier next time)
Chest Flys DB 2x8kg (17.7lb)
Push ups toes, 12,10,8 reps
Chest Flys (partial reps) DB 2x6kg (13.2lb)
Triceps BB 10kg (22lb) will go heavier
Chest press (close grip) with same BB as above - Cathe goes straight into this one
Dips off step 24x, 16x
Dead Lift / dead row combo BB 20kg (44lb). Couldn't have gone heavier because of the row
1 arm row 10kg (22lb) 16x then 12x
Plie front squat BB 15kg (33lb)
Shoulders BB 5kg (11lb) upright rows and then overhead press
Lateral raise DB 2x 4kg (8.8lb)
Shoulder circles 2.5kg (5.5lb)
Upright rows and o/h press again, useing BB as before
(note - I'm always pretty cautious with shoulders, so my BB could have been heavier)
Finally there's an ab section on the bench.

Hope this is of use to someone!

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