thinking about vitamix in new year


;)Getting rave reviews about vitamix from a friend makes me think about investing in one. I already have a food processor and blender, as well as a hand mixer. Any advantages to the Vitamix? It'd be nice to streamline my kitchen a bit too. Thanks.
I love my Vitamix. It is a work horse and will last forever. I used to burn through blenders after about 3 or 4 months, but have had my Vitamix for 6 years now. I don't regret the purchase for one minute. It truly was an investment for my kitchen.

I will say that, while the Vitamix can do many many things, I do still use a food processor as well because there are certain things the Vitamix can't replicate (like the specific slicing features of a food processor).

Overall, if you have the ability to make the financial investment, I say GO FOR IT! :)



Ditto. It's a great investment.
I also still use my food processor. In addition to the features Lisa mentioned, the Vita can be tough when you need to scoop out stuff that's really viscous like hummus or nut butters. I've done it plenty of times, but it takes a bit more commitment than cleaning out the FP (with large, open bowl and removable blade).


Another vote. Friends tried talking me into one for years but I always thought "I have a blender/FP already". I didn't think I needed a Vitamix. But their passion finally broke me down and I bought one. I kid you not, it has been used a minimum of once per day every day my SO and I have been home. I got rid of my other blender, but I do still use my tiny FP for little jobs.

If you can and they still make it, I prefer the Vitamix from Costco that has the pre-set features. It has speeds 1-10 along with "Smoothie", "Soup", "Frozen" that is pre-timed and adjusts the speeds on its own. You set it for "Smoothie" and walk away (versus put it on speed 1 for 30 seconds, increase to speed 4 for 30 seconds, etc.). I almost didn't spend the extra $50 for it since I thought "I can stand there for 30 seconds..." But now I could never go back to not having that excellent handy feature.

I also got the 2 extra containers (one dry, one wet) since my SO and I usually make our own separate smoothies/soups and a hummus. Nice to have the extras.

Go for it if you can!


Another vote for Vitamix! I could not live without mine. You'll cover the cost of your investment in the long run. For example, a jar of sunflower seed butter (with added sugar and salt!) costs about $8 or $9. I can buy sunflower seeds to make the butter myself for about $2-$3 per pound. I can't say for sure how many cups of seeds there are in a pound, but I get 3 full cups of butter from 6 cups of seeds. The same with coconut butter....a 16 oz. jar of Artisana costs about $12!!!! I buy organic coconut flakes (which have gone up in price a bit lately) for around $4.50 per pound. I can make approximately two 16 oz. jars of coconut butter from a pound of flakes. I also still use a food processor for some things, but not a day goes by that I don't use my Vitababy. And Vitamix customer service is EXCELLENT! If you do decide to buy one, consider joining the Vitamix-Blender Lady Facebook group. The gal who runs the Blender Lady website and FB group is absolutely wonderful! The Facebook group has over 10,000 members! :)


A few weeks ago I bought my 3rd Vitamix at Costco :p Like they say, 3 times is a charm, right? I also bought the last 2 at Costco and returned it every time. Now I am getting into making smoothies in the Vitamix and LOVE it. My husband said, if I don't like the Vitamix this time, we will not return it:D:p I make smoothies every day.

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