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For those of you who have done this workout, can you tell me if it is heavy on step? I hate step...I just have no patience for the learning curve involved. When it's time to workout, I need to know that I'll really be working out and not tripping over myself. I just don't have time to waste learning, unfortunately. I know how many of you love CAthe's step routines, but I just can't invest the time to learn them. So, will I like IMAX, the original? I'm thinking of ordering the vhs tape, because I'm not interested in the other workouts on the dvd. I hear IMAX 2 and 3 are killers, but the choreography is a bit more advanced. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I tend to stick to the weight workouts and KP & C kind of thing.

I can understand your frustration.

If you hate step that much...then I don't suggest that you purchase this workout. I do think the step is simple, but then I love step so perhaps my opinion is biased.

I would hate to be the one to make the recommendation for you get it and then you absolutely hate it. Plus, is this workout even still available on VHS? I thought she did away with all the VHS workouts.

You would be better off purchasing IMAX2 or IMAX3 and then just doing the blast portions of those that I think you would enjoy. You don't have that option with IMAX1 unless you purchase the DVD...but even still it is not chaptered like the other two.

Hope this helps...Let us know what you decide.[/IMG][/URL]

IMAX 1 has the simplest (most athletic) choreography compared to IMAX 2 and 3. You can't avoid the step unless maybe you just do the step portions on the ground. Have you watched the video clip yet? That should help you see if it's too tricky for you. Hope this helps.

Janet, as the Ranking Klutz of the Cathe Forums, if I can do the choreo in I-max the original, anyone can. The most complicated part of that workout is the warm-up. The mid-range step segments are very simple and repeat a short pattern 6 times before the nosebleed stuff. And the nosebleed stuff is great - pure intervals. The chore in I-Max 1 is the simplest of the I-maxes.

The first step segment turns you away from the TV. That is the worst of it. It is really simple except for that very beginning turn.

If you preview once before doing it, it is much more approachable.

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