The Flow movement.


That is amazing! Do you have more info on it? Is there a DVD to learn how to do it? Is it a class only thing?



Most of the classes are conducted in USA. You can check out the website The movement comes from learning the CST or Circular Strength Training which encompasses Intuflow, Flowfit and Prasara Yoga. I got to know about CST when they came to Singapore last year on a 3-day seminar. It was very new to me then but the coach I learnt my kettlebell techniques from was very interested in CST and attended the seminar and after that introduce CST to us. From there and reading up the forums I learned alot about how we need to take care of our joints through movement. I don't know how to explain it, you have to follow the website and forums to get into it. All I can say is this is not about just exercising per se but more than that and the more you know about it, the more you would come to appreciate the depth of it.

If you are on facebook, add Scott Sonnon and you will get to follow up on CST from there.

Forgot to add - It is not easy to learn as it involves understanding what each movement is targeting at. Take Intuflow, to learn it it takes quite some time to really get into it but once you understand it, it takes you about 15 minutes to complete the whole thing. Flowfit is another story. Here is a clip on it. I am still on Forest Flow from the Prasara Yoga dvd.
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