The endless shoe question


So...I found Nike Accomplish Loved them. Then Asic Gel Intensity....Loved them. Opps, they are making no more. Anyone have any great shoes that would fill the void? Asics has alot of offerings. What's you favorite?


ASICS Gel-Upshot

I received these as a Christmas gift and love them. I use them for all of Cathe's DVDs. So they're great for step, kickbox, Hiit, weights, etc. I have a different shoe I use specifically for running.

I agree - so hard to find the perfect shoe. I really have been happy with Asics. This is my 2nd pair and I am going to stick with that brand until they disappoint me. :p


i actually just bought the asics gel upshot from sports authority b/c i saw quite a few people in this forum say that they loved theirs, and also b/c they were $50 at sports authority and $85 elsewhere.....but unfortunately for me, they don't work....and i think that's only b/c i have a wide foot and they were too tight across the ball of my foot....but others hav given them rave reviews and plus i have had other asics in the past that were absolutely wonderful that i wore until the soles fell off i think i'm going to try and find another asics that fits my foot better:)


The answer is that one shoe definitely does not fit all!

You need to find out what size, brand and style works for YOU.

You really can't go on someone's recommendation of what works for them. Everyone's foot is different... arch, width, ponation/gait (if you're a runner)... it's all individual.

My suggestion is go to an atheltic shoe specialty store and have them help you determine a style and brand that works best for your foot and your needs. They really do a great job. And what's nice is that once you do find the perfect shoe, you can buy future pairs online and search for a good price.


I love mizuno's. I also have a wide foot. Currently I am wearing a pair of Mizuno Wave Nexus. Plently of room for the toes!!!! I highly recommend them.:)



Sorry to highjack the thread- does anybody know of an adult athletic shoe that has velcro instead of laces?



I just bought a pair of asics cross trainers and a pair of Brooke's runners and both seem to be working, what a miracle. I like the brookes best but they where $80 I never spend that much but they felt great ghost 3..


Another vote for the Upshot! I love them. Also I run in the Asics Gel Nimbus but I will say that I agree that you need to go a really good running/sporting good store and try stuff on....the best are the stores that have treadmills in them and so you can actually do more than walk in them.
good luck


Zappos has worked well for me. I have yet to find a store with a decent selection of crosstrainers locally. We have lots of running stores, but all my cross trainers have come via the internet. And your suggestions give me a starting point. Thanks.

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