The CHallengers, 4th of july


Good morning ladies,happy fourth of july

Today will be a thirty minute dog walk and a thirty minute run interval on the TM! What my rotation calls for i don't have so i have to improvise!


Happy 4th.

Today is suppose to be Imax 3 but I don't have it was going to do Interval Max, but after watching it not sure I am ready for that one so it will be LIS, I really like this one. We are going to spend the day at the lake with my DHs family. My neice called last nite to tell me see is engaged, like I didn't know that was coming they have dated 2 years and he is a really nice guy.

Amelia-have fun today and be safe.

Happy 4th to everyone that follows be safe.



So what do you guys do for the 4th of July?

I've only really seen movies (Born on the 4th of July) (I hated that film. Cruise was not right for that part) My opinion of tom Cruise is another topic altogether!

My eating wasn't too great today, ate too many lollies! At least I've stopped buying the mint biscuits!

Roxie - Give interval max a go! I really like it. It is very hard, but only do what you can! You just might surprise yourself! Imax 3 is a lot tougher. When you can get through Interval Max, then you will be ready to do Imax 3. I've never waited to do a DVD, I just jump in boots n all! If I can't do it, or parts of it, who cares? Eventually I get there! You can to!

CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Thats what this is all about (Just don't overdo it) :0


Hi Challengers,

Andrea: On the 4th alot of people have cookouts and in the evening see fireworks. Some towns/cities have parades.

Ameila: Have fun watching the fireworks. We will probably go tomorrow night to see them.

Roxie: I don't have Interval Max. I have Imax2 and enjoy that one. I had Imax3 but found it too much high impact and not enough time in between the combos. Like Andrea said just try it. You could always do power seven or fifteens when your not sure what Cathe is doing.

My WO this morning was suppose to be MM total body. My Glute muscle was very sore so opted to only do the upper body premix and some very long stretching.

DS and I went to the butterfly place. A large butterfly landed on my shirt. My DS did not want to leave until one landed on him. None did. We got some catapilars to hatch at home.

Hope everyone is havinga good time today.



Hey girls,today is suppose to be a circuit but we will be gone all day with the kids so today is a rest day and tommorrow is a circuit!

Everybody have a wonderful saturday

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