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A big THANK YOU to all our Texas Road Trippers!!!! All I can say is….”Y’all had me at HOWDIE!!!!” What a fun weekend and I want to go back already! I had such a great time and miss you so very much! Gosh, the breathtaking scenery alone could have provided the perfect inspiration for this roadtrip, but add in over a 100 high energy Cathletes and I’d say we created quite a fitness bonanza!!!!
We kicked off Thursday night with a pre-event poolside gathering of family and friends and topped off the evening with a casual walk on the nature trail. How fun to have all the husbands and kids join us. I just loved to see and hear how your families continue to support you in your fitness journey. They were so excited and proud to tell me how hard you workout every day and how they even join in with you at times while doing my DVD’s. That’s so special! What was also fun was to see how many husbands actually signed up to enjoy the entire weekend of food, classes and festivities with their wives. There were about 8 husbands who joined in either full or part time.
Friday’s kickoff workout was so electric. We did half step, half kickbox, and the energy was so amazing. I just adored your big smiles and cheers (and even some endearing tears) of joy. When I hopped off stage and came down in the crowd I got super charged by your enthusiasm. You had this excited “I know this move” face that was priceless. Thanks for joining me on stage for the kickbox section too. You were looking fierce up there. Way to work it!!!!
After class we enjoyed pictures and a yummy Mexican themed dinner on the outdoor deck. I loved chatting with you and seeing many familiar faces along with many new ones. Wow, I even met Susan who came all the way from Dublin, Ireland just for the road trip (loved your accent!).
Later that night, we moved back over to the fitness room and worked up a sweat with a tough ab class followed by a soothing stretch. That felt good. We capped off the night with an informal question and answer period before turning in for the night.
Saturday was a day of outrageous energy and entertainment…WOW!!! We started off with a really early yummy breakfast and walked to the waterfall poolside for our group picture. I loved our “be goofy” shots at the end. Was that fun or what? After that we headed back to the fitness room for our first class of the day. Step and Low Impact Hiit! We rocked! Wow, you all got the moves so fast and worked up such a sweat, especially on the low impact Hiit. Who knew low impact would wind you like that?!?! I loved sharing the music from the new DVD’s along with some of the choreography. You did GREAT! After class everyone freshened up, had a little time to shop at our booth as well as Veronica’s Feelfitwear booth. How cool seeing you wear your Cathlete shirts as well as some of you in the newest DVD outfits that Veronica had available. Y’all looked great in them.
Class two was another soaker. We pushed ourselves hard in Cardio Core Circuit. You were all warriors and went for it! Great Job!!!! Loved the height on your jumps. After that, we were in search of a replenishing lunch. Ahhh, that was so nice to change our clothes and head outside to wonderful music and a delicious meal on the scenic deck. Thank you to Jennifer, from Susan G. Komen, The Cure, for sharing her personal story with us and reminding us of how we need to keep ourselves healthy and fit through exercise, good nutrition and routine checkups for early breast cancer detection. Lunch ended with some special Road Trip cake and Blue Bell ice cream bars. How can anyone come to Texas and not experience Texas’s famous Blue Bell ice cream. It was delicious, refreshing….and we burned off in no time flat, lol!
Onto class three, our final class of the day, Total Body Sculpt! Who knew a band, 5 pound weights, and a paper plate would fry us the way it did? Hee hee hee heeeee, (evil witch laugh)! We survived and had time for more pictures, booth shopping and a HOT SHOWER!!!! I thought I would never get out of that shower, ha! Dinner was outside once again (such a beautiful night) and we had another amazing Texas dinner. We had fun laughing and sharing funny things that happened throughout the day, taking more pictures, drawing for door prizes, and even shared a little sadness at the realization that there was only one more short day left before we said our goodbyes.
"ERRR.. ERRRR.. ERRRR"…….again the alarm sounded bright and early on Sunday morning and I jumped out of bed and did 50 pushups….just kidding, ha. I actually sat on the corner of my bed and stared at my workout clothes hoping they would just magically put themselves on my body since I was too sore to do the job. We met in the fitness room at 7am and had one final super charged indoor Boot Camp workout. My favorite part was when you voluntarily came in the middle of the circle with your favorite move and we all followed you and did it together. GREAT STUFF! Loved how we were all family by then and just went with the flow.
After our butt kicking Boot Camp class, we all met for breakfast and CHOWED DOWN!!!! Bring on the carbs ….and our delicious eggs too of course!!! It tasted sooooo good! The only sad part was that I knew once I took my last bite, put my napkin down and stood up the goodbyes would begin…sniff sniff.
At least we got to enjoy some more fun pictures before the goodbye line formed. Having you bring your families in for me to have a final goodbye was precious too. Thank you for inviting me into your life and sharing with me those who mean the most to you. The love, support and pride you all hold for one another is very apparent and quite special!
In closing, I’d like to say “Thank you, Cathletes, for coming to Texas and sharing a weekend of fun and fitness with me”. I’d also like to thank everyone who was involved in helping to make this road trip a huge success. Our ENTIRE staff, our videographer John, our photographer Steve, our Cathlete photographer Cyndi, the Woodlands Resort, the DJ’s Lorenzo and Fernando, Veronica and Barbara from Feelfitwear, and special appearances from Amanda who is our Daytona casting call winner and featured in our new DVDs, and Jennifer from the Susan G. Komen, The Cure organization.
An extra special thank you goes out to our sponsors Eggland’s Best Eggs and Altus w/Fitness By Cathe. Their support and contributions allow us to bring you these extra special road trips!
One final Texas group hug goes out to all of you, for if it were not for you, I would not be where I am today. Thank you for your continued support, inspiration and for taking the time out of your busy lives to share a weekend with me! ((((((((((GROUP HUG Cathletes))))))))
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What a beautiful Thank You Cathe! So fun to hear all the details about each day. I sure missed seeing you and all the other fans. Glad you all had a blast!


Hi Cathe! Just wanted to say thank you again for being such an inspiration to so many of us. What you do is above and beyond any other instructor out there. I'm glad I was able to bring my family for you to meet - it's definitely an experience i'll never forget. I cannot wait until the next road trip! I would love to make a NJ road trip and meet the rest of the crew. Having Amanda at this Texas trip was awesome! She's in great shape and what a great addition to your crew! Ok, I'm sure you're busy - I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed my weekend!!! It's so sad that it's behind us now. I guess i'll just look forward to the ones to come! Take care, Cathe! It was so great to finally meet you.

Barbara Thibodaux
(Jeff and Preston too!)



Thank you Cathe for coming to my town! It was so great to meet you and your staff. I hope you all found our little area of Texas to be friendly and fun.

Too bad you didn't get a chance to tour the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory, they give you free ice cream at the end *wink wink*. Maybe a reason to come back soon?

Thanks again, it was a great weekend!


Thanks for putting up with all my crazy picture shenanigans! And thanks for kicking my butt! I always learn so much about how to kick my students butts! If I can be half the instructor that you are, I will be a ecstatic! Let's meet in Chicago next. That's my vote for the next one!


Thanks so much to you Cathe, yout whole team, as well as all the other Cathletes I met! It was awesome and something I will never forget!



Thanks for sharing your photos & stories on the site, it sounds just like I thought, A-Mazing....and all those smiles, surely contagious!

I'm just so inspired go there too! Maybe soon...Me too?!!!;):eek::D

Thanks right back at you, Cathe!

Cathe, did you peek at my journal? Your description of the RT matches what I wrote down in my journal, except I made sure to mention that my biceps were ready to burst during the sculpting class (band + dumbbells + high reps = yowza!) and that my core was on FIYAH from Friday night's ab work + Saturday afternoon's ab work. ;)

This was my second RT (first was NJ 2009), but this one was even better because I got to work out with you AND with my husband (this was his first RT, but he's now addicted and ready for more). THANK YOU for facilitating these fun-filled weekends where we can meet you and meet fellow Cathletes, creating memories and friendships. While I admire you as a savvy businesswoman, I most admire your humility, your accessibility, and your downright kindness! It is clear that Cathletes are much more than customers to you. As an example of that, thank you for taking time to write a note to my mom-in-law on Saturday between classes. We know you were super busy and needed to get ready for the next class, but you got down on the floor with a Sharpie to write a sweet note that will no doubt bring tears to my mom-in-law's eyes.

Keep on doing what you do! You are the best! Steve and I cannot wait to see you at the next RT. Oh yeah, we'll be there! :)

Lisa & Steve

Cathe Friedrich

(((((Hugs Lisa and Steve)))))) I SO enjoyed getting to know you better on this past roadtrip. Steve was amazing too. He was always pumped up and raring to go....just like you! You may not realize this but I would see both of you in the crowd during each of the workouts and the energy and smiles exuding from both of you just warmed my heart. I hope your MIL enjoys her note. She sounds like a fantastic woman and maybe one day I'll get to meet her. Untill then, I'll see all three of you next workout :D

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