Thank You Glassboro Road Trip Cathletes!

Cathe Friedrich

A Big Thank You Hug To All Of Our 2010 Cathletes....

Wow, I can’t believe more than a week has gone by since the 2010 Glassboro Road Trip has ended. I am reflecting back on all the wonderful times we had and just wanted to come say hello, tell you I miss you and thank you once again for your time, energy, enthusiasm and loyal support.

Each road trip always holds a very a special place in my heart and this one topped the charts with so many of you coming to join us again…and not just a second time, but a 3rd, 4th,5th and 6th time…and if we count the destination road trips, even more! Your smiles said it all and I enjoyed watching everyone reconnect with the friends they have made over the years in our Cathe Nation , on Face Book, etc.

Thanks for posting your happy memories on FB and Cathe Nation for us all to enjoy. There is always a bit of a sadness that creeps over us when a road trip is over and we sit on that plane, train or in our cars and head back home….it helps heal that sadness when we can look at pictures and remember the good times. We feel reconnected and get our own little chuckle inside as we recall a particular moment. And as we all know, only a true Cathlete can share this moment with you. As much as we love our families and they support us, they don’t always quite “feel the love” that we feel through our fitness connection. So it is nice to have our special corner here for these moments.

I have heard some very incredible stories from so many of you. I am so proud of you and all your inspiring stories of how you reached your goals and/or are on a strong and focused path headed that way. I loved seeing the photo’s of your families, pets, work out rooms, etc. It is so obvious to me how important fitness is to you and thank you for including me in your journey to lead this healthy lifestyle. But I’d also like to once again acknowledge, as I mentioned on the Road Trip, that for some of us these last couple of years leading right up through 2010, have been a very tough time emotionally, physically, spiritually, and we have faced tragedies, severe stress, deaths, health issues, etc. I myself, lost my young cousin to cancer two months before the road trip and it hurts so badly….but if anything, I know that we as a community that supports health and fitness and welcomes camaraderie, can help one another through these difficult times. And gosh, road trips like these are so invaluable to help us though these very trying times. So you have my (((((((( hugs ))))))) and I certainly felt and feel yours as we move forward, day by day, with grace and strength. (((((((((More hugs)))))))))

I know during the road trip I said my thank you’s to Eggland’s Best, Altus with Fitness By Cathe, all of our accommodating staff, the photographers, videographers, caterer, instructors, and DJ who helped to make the road trip a success. Without their support we wouldn’t be able to make these road trips as special as they are. But right now I want to put my attention on truly thanking YOU!!! A special honorary mention and thank you goes out to our hard working Cathlete coordinators…Cyndi, Debbie and Kathy. They work especially hard before, during and after the road trip to help things run smoothly. And of course, my biggest and most special thank you goes out to ALL OF YOU, for it is YOU and YOUR SUPPORT that have made me and who/what we are today. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my inspiration and my strength. You continue to fuel my passion and I am forever grateful.

See you at the next road trip :D
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Cathe - I feel that I should be the one writing out a lengthy thank you. You are absolutely incredible and inspirational. I am so very thankful I had the opportunity (and was strong armed by Jessica and Jolene) to attend this Road Trip. It was so special on so many levels. I finally was able to meet you live and in person, I met Jessica and Jolene and so many other fantastic people.

It was an amazing experience. I hope to be back next year with my sister. She has had a really bad year and I so wish she could have made the journey with me this time. She is the one who actually introduced me to your workouts. I went from being a ballet dancer to a step aerobics, kickboxing, weight lifting machine thanks you you ;)

Thanks you from the bottom of my heart!


Cathe, it was such an honor and true inspiration to meet and work out with you, you are strong and I have come to look up to your dedication, and true strength inside and out. I plan on coming next year if i can get in again!! Thankyou!!! and hugging you right back!! I was sad driving home!!

Carolyn Girard


Hi Cathe,

I thank you each and every day! Every morning when I wake up feeling like I can get through anything and take on the world. Everytime I need to carry, move, lift, push, climb! I can't even express how grateful I am that I found you! You push me to be the best that I can be both phsyically and emotionally.

Thank you for showing us how beautiful a strong, fit woman can be both inside and out!

Thank you for getting us through a million bicep curls, hip lifts, and lunges all while reminding us to concentrate....and laugh! :D

Oh....and thank you for reminding me that treating myself to french toast every now and again is okay!! :p

You are one in a billion and I am so glad that I can tell you personally how much you mean to all of us Cathletes!

xo- Jenn


Cathe, what eloquent words coming, so obviously, from such a passionate and caring heart! Many ((((HUGS)))) and sincere thanks back to you for giving me all of the amazing Road Trip experiences and opportunities I've had!!!! You inspire me each day to strive for my best in everything I do!!!


Thank YOU!!!!

What a beautiful "Thank You" Cathe! I agree with Heather...we should be thanking YOU! And, Jenn hit all the main points on why I love you so much! I often wonder where I would be fitness wise if I hadn't found your website! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being the wonderful, caring person you are and for the memories of another RT! Love you much!

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