Thank You Cathe


I just wanted to say a quick thanks to you Cathe. I watched am so loving the Live classes these days and see that you are adding new moves in there which keeps it fresh.

This morning workout was awesome and I loved the soundtrack too. Keep up the great work.

Also while I did express how awesome it was about your fitness line coming back at the virtual RT, I just wanted to say again how excited I am about that and all the possibilities to come with that.

Similarly thanks for creating an amazon store as I shop there alot. I particularly appreciate the free shipping through Amazon too. I have to confess that I did buy a cork mat from a different brand because I couldn't afford the shipping on top of the price for the mat :(. This was also before I knew you had a store with them otherwise I definitely would have bought yours.

I did just put an order in for the blue mat and, bands and loops so cannot wait to get those items.

The monthly rotations are very helpful as they keep me accountable and ensures I am not over or under training.

I don't just some thoughts that I had today as a way of showing how appreciated you are.

Thanks for listening :D

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