Thank you Cathe, Deb, Cyn, FSHS staff & Road Trippers!!


Hi everybody!

It's Monday morning in New Jersey and boy oh boy, have those Monday-morning-after-the-wedding blues hit hard! :( I can hardly believe that once again our annual Glassboro lovefest ;) has come and gone in a blur of hugs, mambo-cha-chas, jab-cross-hook-uppers and big smiles.

I'm heading to the airport in just a few winks to go home to Atlanta, but couldn't leave the ol' Residence Inn without sending a few shout-outs.

First and hugely, thank you to Cathe for inviting me back this year as a Coordinator. This was my fifth "anniversary" working on the behind-the-scenes RT crew, and nothing that I do all year makes me jump higher or smile bigger. It's been so much fun! Cathe, (((((hugs))))) my dear friend!!

Second and just as huge, thank you to my precious girlfriends and Coordinator cohorts Debbie H. and Cyndi for, as always, being an absolute blast and the best gals in the world to hang with and work with. I love you two. And Lorrayne (who y'all know is our other Coordinator pal), we missed you sooooooooooooooo much honey!!!

Thanks also to the staff at Four Seasons and Cathe dot com for all of their incredibly friendly welcome, help and hard work. You folks are the best!

And last and from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of you Road Trippers for reminding me again, as you always do, why this mystical phenomenon called the Cathe Nation has me so firmly hooked. For life. :) What an amazing group of people you are. Wish I could take you all home with me!!

Til next time I see you, sweet folks, sending you giant (((((hugs)))))!!

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Barbara P

This was my first New Jersey road trip, I was in NYC last June (where my avatar pic was taken), and I know I will be back.
I had a wonderful time, met some great women, worked my butt off, and enjoyed every moment.

Thanks to everyone for making this such a great weekend!

I'm sorry Lorrayne wasn't there; I met her years ago in Charleston, SC and would have liked to see her again.


Thanks Kathy! I totally agree! What an awesome time! Every year it's so much fun to see the newbies ( Hi Barbara!!!) and of course, my past friends. No one puts on a better party then Four Seasons and Cathe! Thanks to EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of such an incredible event! Love & HUGS to you all!

Cathe Friedrich

Thank YOU Kathy! I so appreciate everything that you, Deb and Cyndi did to help things run so smoothly. Miss you guys so much already! (((((((((HUGS))))))))))


Ditto - right back atcha :p....Cathe Road Trips in Glassboro or at one of the Destination Resorts are so AWESOME. But being in NJ on the STS set or in Cathe's studio is priceless!. Can't say enough about the staff - the best people work for the BEST in the business!

Anyone considering going...don't hesitate---Come join the fun!!! :cool:

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