Thank You 2011 Glassboro Road Trippers

Cathe Friedrich

A big warm fuzzy thank you to all of the 2011 Glassboro Road Trippers. Did we have a blast or what?!?!?! From meeting, greeting, jumping, pumping, dancing, laughing, munching, crunching, ….you name it, we did it and did it in total Cathlete style!!!!

I enjoyed our special time this weekend very much. I loved the bonding I witnessed. Our newcomers felt so welcomed with the warm attention they were given, especially from all of our past roadtrippers who of course at one time have all been in their shoes before. It was an amazing time and I hope you are home resting and recovering from the non-stop pace. But who am I kidding, lol, I’m sure being the true Cathletes you are, you probably hit it hard once again today with your toughest workouts living off the high of our memorable weekend of fitness festivities and friendships.

Enjoy all of the pictures you see posted everywhere. Feel free to take any of them off of Flikr for your personal collection. If you are like me you are checking back quite a few times a day to see any if any new photo’s have been posted to help heal the post roadtrip blues.

I have so many people to thank for making this weekend a total success. Thank you to the entire staff at and Four Seasons Health Club for their tireless efforts and attention to detail to make this a seamless roadtrip and an enjoyable experience for all. I also appreciate the work that went into providing the worldwide webcam so that our Cathletes around the world could join in our fun. Thank you to my cast Brenda, Cedie, Jai and Lorraine (and Amanda too) for their continuous support. How fun to hear your comments “We finally get to hear what they sound like” J Thank you to our photographer Steve and videographer John for capturing us at our happiest (and sweatiest) moments. They had a great time witnessing your laughs and best moves (as they entered the exercise rows at their own risk to suck up your energy…ha). Thank you to our behind the scenes roadtrip photographer Cyndi who’s pictures speak 1000 words and also to Debbie, who helped out me and Cyndi out with details surrounding the event. Thank you to the caterers, the DJ, and also to our special guest instructors who helped out when I couldn’t divide myself in two. Thank you to our Saturday night Zumba queen Gladys who moves the earth with her moves and energy. Thank you Veronica with Feelfitwear (our DVD clothing sponsor) for coming out to meet the Cathletes.

But my biggest thank you goes out to all of the Cathletes!!!! You are the reason I am who I am today. You inspire me in ways you can’t even imagine. Your energy, support, enthusiasm, passion, and dedication towards me and one another just moves me beyond words. I am honored and proud to be your fitness trainer and I cherish being able to help make a very positive difference in your life today and always!

So until our “next scheduled workout” I will leave you with those famous words that resonated through the rooftop this weekend…..CATHLETES ROCK!!!!!!
Cathe, I can't thank you (and your outstanding staff) enough for such an incredible weekend. It was 10x more amazing than I imagined it would be. Working out with you live was second to none, and getting to finally meet you in person was a truly indescribable feeling (I was almost speechless, I was so starstruck!).

I was so in awe of your seemingly endless amount of energy throughout the weekend and your immense amount of patience for photos, autographs, etc. I imagine your smile muscles got quite the workout! Thanks so much again for memories that will last a lifetime, and the friendships I made that I know will last just as long! I hope I'm fortunate enough to attend next year's RT! :)
I had a wonderful time!
I love seeing friends from previous trips and meeting new ones...we all have you in common, Cathe!

Thank you so much and I cannot wait for the new series. :D

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