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I am contemplating signing up. What are the benefits, pluses, minuses, results, etc? Also, does anyone have a rotation to follow? I'd really like at first, to have a rotation that is very generic (i.e. D1 Upper Body, D2 Cardio, D3 Full Body etc.). I suppose I Could come up with my own rotation but I'm lazy :) Can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts!
Love Cathe Live. I am obsessed. It's all I want to do anymore. Get it, you won't regret it!

Most of the workouts are in the 45 to 50ish minute range. A small handful are an hour or more and there are some shorter Express workouts as well (around 35 mins).

There are a lot of helpful reviews of Live workouts on the Live section of the Forum. Also a couple of rotations and spreadsheets other Catheter have generously shared.

For more Live rotations and Live workout reviews, go to fellow Cathlete JenGolf's blog (it is sooooo helpful),
One more thought, Cathe Live has great variety but they are limited in the weights that can be used. If you like super heavy, low rep lifting or things like pullups or squat rack exercises, you will not find that in the Live workouts. Of course you can always grab heavier weights than what Cathe is using. ..I often do...but there are no STS Meso 3 types of workouts. You would have to supplement that on your own.

Just in case this is a deal breaker for you. ..


Nope not much of a fan of the super heavy gym type lifting. I get too bored. I prefer to keep moving and get it all over with fast :) I found 2lazy4gym and am reading it now :)
Also, what level would these be appropriate for? beginner, intermediate, advanced?
There are regular Live class members (the people actually working out with Cathe at her gym) who are at all levels. There is one woman who pretty much modifies everything to low impact, then there are others who are more middle of the road, and some who are more advanced (one of the cast members from S&S ... Nicole ... is a regular at Cathe's gym). So all levels could make a Live workout "work" for them. If you follow exactly what Cathe does, most workouts are IMHO high intermediate to advanced. Some are easier than others and some are downright advanced level tough--Sweat Jump & Pump Live, I'm looking at you! ;). Like I said earlier, you can always up the intensity to make every workout advanced by using more weight loads or jumping higher, squatting deeper, etc.

I personally like being able to choose between different intensity levels. I can find a workout that fits how I'm feeling on any given day.


Each time this is brought up I say the same thing......$10 for one as many different workouts as you can in 30 days then decide. That's what I did and I hope to always have Live. Great variety, a lot of fun, Cathe and other regulars. It's fantastic. Some of the workouts are tough while others are less so but can still be's Cathe! Plus you get to see Cathe make mistakes and flubs. I love that.


I signed up for Cathe Live in November of 2015...hands down, best workout decision I have ever made. At this point, they are the only workouts that I am doing. Cathe's personality and energy are amazing!
Give it a will LOVE IT!!!

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