Talk about insanity .....


..... mine that is :eek:! Sent the dogs to the Petsmart groomer and failed to ask how much it is ahead of time. Yeah, I was a little absent-minded.

$ 62 per dog for getting washed, blow-dried, cut their hair back and clip their toe nails, added on the furminator de-shedding for a grand total of $ 77 per dog. Mind you, I have 5 dogs, lets not even talk totals here.

That's more than my flippin' hair cut and pedicure!!! Waaaaaahhh!!!!!!

When the heck did dog grooming get so expensive????

But they look so handsome and barely shed anymore :D And I stimulated the economy, right? But I will be living of water and apples this week to not screw up my budget anymore :eek:
OMG Carola, LOL!

I feel your pain only with cat food! This flipping expensive stuff we use is going to put us in the poor house. I like to look on the bright side's human grade ingredients so when we have no money for food we can dine with the cats! :D
I remember when you went to the supermarket and picked up cat food and litter for a few dollars. You never said to yourself "I can't afford another cat/dog!" Well I am saying it now. We had a lhasa apso who died a couple of years ago. It cost us $45 every 5 weeks for Leo's grooming. He and I had haircut appointments usually the same week. When I decided to get another small dog one of the things I insisted on was a dog who DID NOT need to be groomed regularly. We got a chihuahua mix with nice smooth short fur. I can give him a bath in the sink and clip his nails myself. Actually I thought Petsmart was supposed to be inexpensive for grooming. I guess I was wrong. Then of course there is the doggie and kitty dentist.... I told my vet that if he could get the dog to read the eye chart he would be prescribing contact lenses next.
Oh my! That is a a lot of money. :eek:
I spend a lot of money on food for my two but thankfully they have short hair and clean up nice in my shower stall:D
Well, that's on top of the food I am buying for them. I spend money for them like I am the Queen of England :eek: Good grief!!!

I thought Petsmart was less expensive, I used to take them there and it was only $ 30, or something like that.

I guess I just have to keep up the brushing and use my showerstall for clean ups, or find a cheaper groomer :D Note to self: Ask about price AHEAD of time!!!!

LOL about the contact lenses for dogs. I'd say that's just a matter of time :rolleyes:
That's alot, but

I cut my own dogs hair, and let me tell you it's a lot more work than cutting a my daughter's hair. Petco is high, but I expect to pay at least $50 when I take may dog into get groomed. It is a lot of back breaking work. Have you ever trimmed a dogs toe nails. It's horrifying. Sometimes, I just give myself a treat and take him in! He's a medium sized dog, but he has LOTS of hair.
I KNOW! It's terrible!! I have two small dogs, each about 12lbs, and its $22 for both to get a bath and haircut and brush. That's not even including any extras like the top dog! Then if I need to get their hair cut, its $45 each. I'm 21 years old, that's a lot of money for me! lol!
Its funny you posted this... we have a sheltie that we used to take to PetSmart for grooming and she got the same beauty treatment you listed that you had done for your dog at pretty much the same price! I was shocked!! It is a TON of money, more than I pay for my own haircut.

While they did a fairly decent job, I just couldn't pay that much, so I found an independent and it is about 40.00.. She is an ex Pet Smart employee who went into business on her own.

Every once in a while PetSmart will run coupons on their website for grooming.. I think they are for 15% off.

Here's a question for you as well... do groomers expect a tip as well? I haven't done it at PetSmart or my current groomer as that when I pay, I've never seen a spot on the credit card slip that "suggests" gratuity. I have done it with other groomers when I've seen the tip jar at the counter.

Take care, Lynn M.
I KNOW Carola! That's why Jimmy looks like a walking furball who sheds fur as he walks right now. But I have to get him groomed. At least I only have one. :eek:

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