Tabatacize 2

I think that in all honesty, X-Train's Tabatacize is the only cardio workout that is perfect for me. I like some others (namely: Cardio Core Circuit, Strong and Sweaty's Cardio Slam, X10, X-Train's All Out Low Impact Cardio, Low Impact Series' Afterburn and Cardio Supersets). I will also do the odd segment, combining segments from two DVDs at a time to get a proper cardio workout (namely, from: ICE's Low Impact Sweat, Fit Split's Low Impact Cardio, Intensity, and Ripped with Hiit's Low Impact Hiit). But Tabatacize is the only workout I just do. The others all require modification or parts I increasingly skip as I age (I am now 40) or are just not quite enough (or are too long, such as CrossFire and several of the older workouts). I don't want step (it's easy to do the cool down sections in Tabatacize on the floor) and I don't want burpees (unless they're done on discs) and I don't want metabolic/weights movements. I just want good HIIT cardio! I rely on several of Cathe's weights workouts to keep my upper and lower body strong, but I need more cardio that provides the right length and intensity without stuff I have to skip or modify. Tabatacize is PERFECT. Please please please do another like it!

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