Sudden Problem with streaming Cathe Live via Apple TV 4


For quite some time, I’ve been able to stream Cathe Live onto my smart TV using Apple TV 4. Now, it won’t respond but my other apps, including Cathe On Demand, work fine.

I signed out of and deleted the Cathe Live app and reinstalled it and now it won’t log me just keeps processing after I enter my user ID and password. I deleted it again, unplugged my Apple TV 4 for a minute, reinstalled the app, and it still does the same thing.

I don’t think it’s my internet because it’s working fine on my iPad. If I call Apple, they’ll say it is the app because all of my other apps on the Apple TV are working fine.

Please help....I use this all the time and it’s much better than using the mirroring function through my iPad.

Thank you!
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Hi Spikeb62, I think our customer support staff already helped you on this and you just needed to "force close" the app. If you're still having issues just let us know.


Sorry to just respond but they did. Thanks so much!!! They were amazing and got me back to working out with Cathe.

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