substitution for origional Body Max


Can anyone help with some ideas on how to sub one of Cathe's workouts?
I'm doing Cathe's Sept. 2001 rotation and she has Body Max and Body Max 2 in it. I own Body Max 2 and most of Cathe's work since 2003.
Any suggestions for a sub for the original Body Max? Would Muscle Endurace work? I have Cathe's last catalog and it lists Body Max, Body Max 2 and Get Ready for Your Wedding (which I don't have either) as "other".
What kind of a workout is Body Max (besides "killer":eek:) ... I survived Body Max 2 yesterday. :rolleyes:


The original BodyMax has the same feel as it's sequel-cant remember the exact breakdown, but it's something like- 24 minutes of step/ 19 minutes of circuits (step/blast/legs) and then 34 minutes of upper body. The most obvious sub would be BodyMax2 but seeing as how you JUST did that one at the beginning of the rotation you probably want something different. How about intensity? That includes the step portion, do one of the Hiit sections to stand in for the circuits and then do the bootcamp portion in place of the weight work? That might work ;)

ohh.... or how about step and Hiit from Intensity and then High Reps upper only?


AYLE09, I'll try it. I like your ideas.:D
Just noticed I wrote 2001 in stead of 2011. That was a typo. I must be subconsciously aware of this weekends 9/11 Anniversary.
Thanks for your help.


How about Step, Jump & Pump? It has a step segment and a weight segment and would give you some lower body work as well as upper body. I sometimes also sub Body Max with Drill Max.

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