Is there anything short of liposuction to get rid of these dreadful marks. I am 2 years post after having twins I am in better shape post twins but the marks on my stomach lets just say they were not exposed too much to the sun this year...My frame is small and I was fit prior to the birth did that work against me? I only gained 40lbs this time. My first I gained 28lbs with no marks. Is there any hope that they will go away? My stomach looks like a road map!!!
First a little bit about stretch marks in general.......During pregnancy stretch marks may develop on a woman's breasts, abdomen, or thighs. These marks are reddish during pregnancy and fade to silver-white after pregnancy. They are found in approximately 50% of pregnant women. Heredity is thought to play a big role in their development. Applying anything externally cannot prevent stretch marks. There is no evidence that any over the counter cream or ointment will make them go away. They will fade slowly after delivery.

I do not believe that being fit worked against you in any way in developing these. Hopefully yours will eventually fade to the silver-white version. I know that its depressing to look in the mirror and see them. In one training that I took the instructor called them "badges of honor." Unfortunately, they will fade with time but will never go completely away.

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