stretch missing on Low impact premix?


Question for SNM or anyone? I have done 2 different premixes from Low Impact HIIT. From LIH one, I did premix #5( LIH HIIT 1 plus core 1) and from LIH two, I did premix #6( LIH HIIT 2 plus core 2). On both of those premixes, the stretch was missing. It is listed on the description, but never appeared. I had to return to the main menu and pick the chapter. Anyone else notice this?
The stretch is not missing. Each ab workout has it's own stretch at the end and that's the stretch we use when we do a premix for the full workout with abs at the end. This is true on all 7 of the workouts.
Yes Phyllis you're right! I'm not sure why it was decided to do this to ALL the dvd's. At first I thought I did something wrong, hit a button etc. Then I found out from forum admin that they actually decided to do it this way for the stretches and premixes. With all the chaptering, I'm quite surprised that I have to go back to the main menu and select "stretch". It doesn't make sense to me and the abs stretch alone is not enough of a stretch in my opinion. Its a bummer for sure!
Bummer for sure and it left me scratching my head as I thought I missed something also. I even blamed it on my DVD player ;) Its OK though as long as I know. I still a happy Cathlete :)
Just do the workout as intended with the stretch and go back to do the abs. I said this in another thread discussing this and a few other people do it as well.
I was trying to figure out the same thing. I saw the stretch listed after every premix but I never got to it, had to go back to chapter menu and select it from there. Well, now I know that there's nothing wrong with DVDs. Only that I wish it would've had the stretch for that particular workout since it's a bit more thorough.

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