Spinning Calorie Burn w/BodyBugg (GWF/Bodymedia)


I have a GoWearFit and I absolutely love that it tracks my calorie burn all day but I can't understand what is going on with my calorie burn during spinning.

During a 30 minute run, I burn 300 calories. During a 15 minute fast walk, I burn 100 calories. Both of these numbers seem to be in line with what I have heard is normal calorie burn.

I did a 50 minute spin video a few weeks ago and only burned around 175 according to my GWF. Just a few days ago, I just did some spinning on my own for 30 minutes (mainly seated but with a few standing runs) and barely eeked out 100 calories burned.

Can anyone help me understand what is going on? I was very excited to get into spinning because it is supposed to be a major calorie blaster and great low-impact activity. Now I am thinking, what's the point since I can have more fun and burn more calories with a Cathe step video.

Any insight is appreciated!



I think that the GoWearFit has a hard time picking up on activities where there is low impact because it really is getting most of its calorie burn information from the steps you take..I have heard of some people attaching it to their leg for cycling in order to get a better reading.

I have a GoWearFit also...I'm not totally convinced that the "heat sensor" really does anything or is that accurate; curious if any other users have any ideas about that...? I turned off my subscription for now and purchased a FitBit (because it has no subscription and is smaller to wear less visibly)...unfortunately, I put my FitBit through the washing machine :-/, but thankfully got an extended warranty from Best Buy.

You are probably burning much more calories during spinning than the GWF is giving you credit for...a heart rate monitor would probably give you a better idea if you feel like buying more gadgets. :)


Thanks for the reply Kat2002!

I do have a Polar (chest strap) heart rate monitor (gotta love those gadgets ;)) that I wear when I exercise. Running and 4DS Kicbox Cardio Only are the only two activities I have noticed that the GWF and heart rate monitor are the exact same calorie burn. Aside from that, the numbers out of my heart rate monitor are always much higher than the GWF (especially for weights--like 3 times higher). I bought the GWF so I could see my total calorie burn every day and the idea of wearing the chest strap all day, every day didn't sound appealing.

I have heard of people putting the GWF on their calves when on the elliptical but I wasn't sure if that was really the right thing to do.

How do you like the FitBit? I looked at buying that instead of the GWF but I couldn't understand how something that wasn't touching your body (through a chest strap, arm band, etc.) could be accurate. Are you finiding the daily calorie burn the FitBit records to be reasonable?

Any other GWF/Bodybugg/FitBit wearers are welcome to weigh in too!

Thanks again!

NRG Woman

I have a GWF and it also registers very few calories when I spin. That makes sense since during spinning you are moving your arms relatively little compared to your legs and it is looking for motion. It really doesn't bother me much since I know what I did for exercise. If you want a different view on it you could take it off while you did your spinning, then afterward edit the off body to record cycling at an appropriate level. I do this when I am canoeing. I don't want to risk destroying it if the canoe tips over so I just take it off and add the activity later. It isn't quite as accurate, and the graph isn't as prettty, but it does the job.


I had brifely thought about taking it off and doing the off body edit but the addictiveness of this little bugger made me file that thought away to the farthest corner of my mind. :eek: Although I don't blame you on taking it off for canoeing. :D I accidentally stepped into the shower once with it on but luckily noticed it before it got more than a few sprinkles of water on it. :confused:

I think I may play around with it and put it on my leg once and do the off body edit once and see what the differences are.

Thanks for all the input!


I like the FitBit...was wearing it clipped on to my pants most of the day. I haven't worn it and the GWF together, though I think if you do a search there are some people who had and said it was comparable. It doesn't claim to sense the heat of your body or your speed like the GWF does..but I found it to be a very accurate pedometer. It doesn't register any little movement that's not walking. I even wore it on a trip to Disney World and would check it before and after I would go on the rides and it registered pretty few if any steps while I was on them. Thought that was pretty impressive considering the jerkiness of some of those rides. For $100 and no subscription fee, I think it's great. I would definitely get it from Best Buy and get an extended warranty..so small that it's easy to put it through the wash...like I did, I have been putting off checking whether or not it has survived..!

Since I have had the FitBit though I haven't been as motivated as before when I first got the GWF...using the GWF's info and tracking my calories helped me to lose 8 lbs about 2 years ago. I think it's a great piece of equipment...just the size (it doesn't go with my spring and summer blouses) and the ongoing subscription fee were the only downsides of it for me. But, I'm re-motivated (STS just came in the mail today..!!) and will be firing up the FitBit before I get started...thinking of using a HR monitor to compare also.

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