So many Topics--> what is each club about?


I see so many check in clubs on this forum...but I have NO clue which one each is about to see which one would best suit me. Please help me understand...where I should be going.

Tanya in Texas!


I think your best bet is just to have a persue through each one. Some have a specific purpose (e.g. the Cheetahs are runners) but some are just a group that got together a while ago to check in with each other.


I had asked this question a while back myself lol

Daily Check In - one of the older check ins around and we just post what we plan or have done for the day as far as workouts. Sometimes we are on the same page as far as following the same rotations and sometimes not :)but we always are around to give support, motivation and kudos to each other.

July 08 or Monthly Check In - I think started out as a check in following Cathe's monthly rotations (Ladies please correct me if I'm wrong :) ) , for me its another thread somewhat very similar in fashion to the Daily Check In but with different posters ;).

40 & Over Check In- Is basically a new thread with 40 yr olds, close to 40's and over check in ;)
Again another check in thread to help support and motivate each other to be the best we can be as well as dealing with what this age brings to i.e. weight gain that appears suddenly due to changing bodies, peri menopause etc.
(Once again - Ladies please correct me if I'm wrong :) )

Other check ins are self explanatory as per the names. Others it would be a good idea to just read the threads and see if thats where you'd like to post.

Check ins are a nice way to get to meet others in these forums, form friendships, gain motivation and support and find a common ground :)



Oh Okay! I'll fumble through to "check" them out. I can tell you this....I am NOT a Cheetah! Giggle... I run on occasions...but it's not my cardio of choice. Sighs.....
Thank you very much!

Tanya in Texas!

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