SNM question/departing shuttle sign-up sheet


Hi Cathe & SNM!

A few of us, on another thread are discussing getting a sign-up sheet placed at the registration table for the Cloud 9 shuttle, departing for the airport at approximately 10:45am, Sunday, the last day of the RT.
So, here are a few questions, which will help us get to the airport on time:

1) Will there be a registration table at Loewe's upon arrival Thursday for the attendees? If so, where will it be?

2) Is it possible to get a departing shuttle sign-up sheet placed there, at the registration table. I [somehow] volunteered to gather people's names, so that I could make the shuttle bus group reservation. This seemed to be the best way to collect the names.

3) Is it true there is not a specific coordinator for this Eggland Tour? The RT in New Jersey had 3 coordinators, and that was very helpful to attendees with many questions. I've seen some people asking questions here, and if they are not answered here, they post on other forums.

I'm looking forward to the fun and activities, which is only about 1 month away!:D

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