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Hi, this morning I did my own separate cardio and wanted to follow that with the shoulder section from LIS, however when I went to the LIS Chapter menu and selected the shoulder section my dvd freezes, so I had to goto the beginning of the workout and just FF thru the cardio segments. Is this a problem that can be fixed, could it be my dvd player or do I need a replacement dvd?? (I recently cleaned my dvd player, and I dont know if this happens with any other dvd b/c I havent done the others yet)

The same thing happened to me when I tried playing the KB dvd. I had to go back, shut down, eject the dvd, etc. over and over again until I was able to get in once through the mix and max...then nothing. All over again.
It could be either a defective disc or problem with that particular player. The next step you should try is to play the disc on another player and see if the problem remains. If it does you know the problem is the disc. If it is the player then a simple fix might be to try a laser cleaning kit. A spec of dirt on your lens can cause the error like you have described on some discs while it will have no affect on other discs. Another possible cause is your player might not be reading the code correctly on the disc. A firmware update may be available for your player that would solve the issue, but more than likely there would be nothing you could do if this was the case. Please make sure to also try cleaning the disc. A hidden finger smudge could also cause the problem like you have mentioned. Please contact support at [email protected] for further help.

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