Smile pregnant ladies your beautiful!

I know that everyone says that pregnant women are beautiful and in fact I think they are.......The other day my friend who has been trying to get pregnant was talking to me at the store......I came home and told my dh ....."she just looked so gorgeous".......she called yesterday and in deed she is pregnant=) I just wanted to tell you all I know how you may feel from time to time.....I have had 3 kids and just my last one 7 months ago.........I look at pictures now and see how vibrant my face looked and how my eyes sparkled.......Smile you look great!!!!!!!!!
I just seen a pregnant picture of Cathe and GOSH she looks wonderful!!!!!!!! She is just toooo cute!
I agree!

I agree that pregnant women are gorgeous! (Maybe I say this with a little twinge of envy...) Enjoy this special time and take lots of pictures because after it's all over, you can remember how cute you looked! (My pictures show how ecstatic I was to be pregnant.)



It's funny that you mention this. Just yesterday, I found out that a friend of mine who had also been trying to get pregnant is now confirmd at eight weeks. Anyway, I just saw her maybe four weeks ago, and I was thinking that she was just looking particularly great, just radiant and beautiful. I don't think she was even sure that she was pregnant back then, but I did notice that difference. Interesting!

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