Small victory but super excited to see progress!!


Hi all,

So as some of you know I joined these forums and started working out with Cathe on January 1, 2013. I have had a great time and just want to share two successes of mine!

1) I am so proud that I have STUCK WITH IT. I have never kept a new years resolution/goal for this it is...the beginning of March, and I am still working out and have followed my goals. My goal in January (1st month) was to work out 1x a week (at a minimum - it was OK for me to do more). My goal in February (2nd month) was to work out 2x a week (at a minimum). For a little bit in February I started to slack and then I found the Official Cathe Beginner rotation and thought it would be a great way to get myself back on track before I completely fell off the wagon!

I am in my first week of the rotation and so far so good! I'm really enjoying it! I am so proud of myself for sticking to this plan of mine and working out consistently for over two months!!! That is such a huge accomplishment for me.

2) I DID THE ENTIRE BASIC STEP WORKOUT WITH A RISERS ON MY STEP!! When I started, I could not use the risers...I couldn't get through even a third of the workout without having to drop down to just the step topper. Last night, I did an entire 30 minute step workout with the topper and one set of risers! I am so proud of myself. It's hard to see the physical changes since I look at my body every day...but I **KNOW** I am making progress because I was able to do that workout using a higher step!!

SO happy right now :) Very excited to complete the beginner rotation and then get to work on my LIS and Body Blast series!!
Excellent job! I love having a rotation to follow, takes all the guess work out of what to do. Keep coming back for updates :)
That is awesome; so exciting to notice your progress, too! So glad to hear you are sticking to your goals and your guns:D Definitely keep everyone updated on your progress:cool:
Congrats! You are doing great! As long as you are seeing should have no problem sticking with it! And you have come to a wonderful place, everyone here on the forums are wondersful! We are always here for everyone!!! Congrats....and keep up the good work! :)
Hi guys, just wanting to post a quick follow-up/succes...

Jenniferlove - your signature really stuck with me this workout just now! On today's schedule was Basic Step + Upper Body add on...well, at work today despite my most valiant (*sarcasm*) efforts...I managed to eat pizza, ice cream, and a 54g-of-sugar energy drink...which made for a VERY HARD WORKOUT.

I was so tired. I literally felt like I could not go on. I was barely picking my feet up off the ground...for about the last 12 minutes, I had to forgo actually stepping on the step, and jsut did the moves on the floor...finally it was over though. Then was upper-body still...I did all the moves...most of them without weights because I literally had no energy. I knew I could push thru the workout though, and I did. I'm so proud of myself. I didn't stop when I was tired - I stopped when I was *DONE*.

Your signature really helped motivate me Jennifer so thank you for that!

Cheers to all - now on the schedule is homework (bleh - can't wait until I graduate in August w/ my bachelors! after 4 years of FT work and school, I'm so ready to be DONE!).
THAT is the way to push through - you stayed focused on what motivates to keep going!
I'm glad my signature line helped you and it definitely helps me, too, like this morning in fact:D
I'm so glad you're still doing so well and checking in, and I hope you have a huge party in August when you graduate!

slow but steady is exactly the way to go, it is how fitness journeys and life changes are done. Go girl!


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