Running irritations--literally :)


Why, oh why, do workout clothes that feel great for an hour of step, kickbox, kettlebells, you name it, turn on you when running longer distances??

I did a 7 mile run today (on the treadmill since it's currently 15 degrees and snowing) and around mile 3 the undersides of my arms were on FIRE from the seam in my stupid workout tank! And apparently I wasn't wearing the best underwear, either. I think I might actually get scabs (on my arms)! So annoying. And the sweat on top if it, wooowee.

Just needed to complain to people who'll know what I'm talking about!

Yikes! You definitely have to get yourself some decent running-specific gear. I'm surprised you don't have it already if you are able to run 7 miles in a session.
What you need is something called Body Glide. It comes in a deodorant type container. I ran a marathon using that stuff and didn't chafe one bit. You can buy it at Road Runner Sports online. The type of clothes you buy for running do not matter. I have some high end Patagonia that still makes me chafe if I don't use the body glide stuff.

Rock on with your seven miles by the way! :)
Body Glide is awesome! On really long runs, over 15 miles, I think vaseline has better staying power but it is not nice to your clothes.
Silicone personal lubricant. Yes, the S-E-X kind ;) I swore by this stuff on my longer runs (13+ miles). Of course now I'm almost 8 months pregnant and not really logging the miles, but this is by far cheaper than Body Glide. Of course, it may not be what you want to pull out of your bag at a race...but for training you'll save yourself a lot $$$.
Happy running.

I wear short sleeve - tighter shirts and that helps me avoid chafing under the arm. If I wear a tank, I get charfing for sure.

I find I am more prone to chafing when I run inside too because it's too warm, the sweat doesn't go away like when you are outside in the cooler weather.

I have only tried bodyglide but heard vaseline works too.
I knew I'd get some great suggestions from everyone here! I'm new to the running thing, so I'm sure I'm going to come across a few more "irritations" as I up my mileage. I'm enjoying it soooo much. I've never been into running, other than maybe once a week for cross-training purposes. I decided to go for a half marathon this spring and I can't believe how much I'm enjoying the training! And my legs are looking better and better :)

I'm going to have to try a few new tops and see what happens--and get some "lubricant" ;)
I use Monostat Anti Chafing Gel and it works great.

However, I cannot hardly run in shorts. They ride up between my thighs and cause some awful chafing. The length of the shorts does not matter. I have tried longer shorts and shorter shorts. I prefer to run in running tights because they cannot ride up.

I also get chafing under my breasts where the band of my bra goes under my breasts. I get a very red line there. I used the chafing gel underneath my bra band and no red line!

I have chaffed before and taken a shower afterwards and boy does it hurt! The water hitting my injured skin really stings!
Another vote for Body Glide. It won't ruin your techie gear like some other products will. I found mine locally at Sports Authority.

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