Road trip question


Just wondering if I'm going to want/need to bring extra know to buy stuff? Is there an expo or anything?

And is there a grocery store nearby?
It's not an expo, but all of Cathe's fitness stuff and DVDs are available for purchase as well as shirts, workout wear, etc.

There's a mall near by, a Target and K-mart if you need anything. I'm not sure where the grocery store is, but I'm certain it's not far.

There is a grocery store next to the hotel and next to our club. Also, you can purchase pretty much anything we sell online at our facility during the road trip.
Also, don't forget to bring your fav DVD cover for Cathe to autograph! She always has a Sharpie hidden somewhere on her! :)
I dunno Deb...seems to me she's always looking for a sharpie! ha! I think maybe we need to get her a sharpie on a rope :)

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