RIP, iMax2/C&W...


My iMax2/Cardio & Weights DVD has stopped working! It actually looks like it cracked a little around the hole in the center (probably from being removed from the box so many times...).

Does anyone know if SNM replaces DVDs, or do I have to pony up for a brand new DVD??

*sniff* It was my favorite.


Cracked DVD

Cathe replaces damaged dvds. Just e-mail customer service for the address. I just sent in my IMX2 C&W dvd and they replaced it free of charge. I only had to pay the postage to mail it to them.

Gotta love Cathe and Company. :D

Debbie Russo


You know it is funny but that is the only one of Cathe's DVDs that I have had trouble with. That is one I would not be willing to give up--would absolutely have to have a replacement.I


I've never had to ask for a replacement--touch wood!--but you might have some luck if you email them. Probably couldn't hurt.

Good luck.


Dear Santa...

Please bring a new IMAX 2/Cardio & Weights DVD to Afreet for Christmas. Thank you!

Seriously, that is one DVD that I could not be without! There are a few that I wouldn't miss (older ones, mostly), but that is a must-have.

The one disk I've had trouble with is Hardcore Extreme. At the end of the interval workout, it skips and stalls when it starts the KickMax drills. I ordered another; it does the same thing. I gave up and now put in the KidMax DVD when I get to that section. It's too frustrating.

Good luck getting that replaced!


Please bring a new IMAX 2/Cardio & Weights DVD to Afreet for Christmas. Thank you!
Hee! I actually did LOL.

OK, I just e-mailed, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks everyone! Happily, my KPC/L&G is still functional, so I did that one today (second favorite!).

Yes, Cathe will replace any "broken" DVD. The have a 100% replacement policy. Just contact their website and they'll tell you what to do to get a new DVD.



My C&W/Imax2 DVD cracked around the hole and SNM replaced it. My CTX DVD's are the same way, guess I need to send those back too. Think those are the only ones of mine like that.

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