rewarding transitioning infant car seat to next



Hope all you mommies are doing good! It's hard to believe that my little girl will be turning 1 year old on Monday August 8th...They grow up to fast!! I need advice as what to what care seat to get next. I'm guesing she's right about 22 pounds. Do I go for a covertible car seat or the booster car seats? Thanks!


A convertible seat will take you up to 40lbs, and will let you keep her rear facing, which is what the current recommendation is until they're 2 (or their legs get too long!).

Our DD will be 1 on the 13th, and we switched her to a convertible rear facing seat about a month ago. So much easier!


My dd turned 1 on the 4th she just got a new car seat too! I read the reviews online and I tend to favor the britax brand. I think the overall quality is good and they are sturdy car seats. Well, she seems to like it! Goodluck!

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