Ready Set Go!

Barbara P

Make sure to sign up for the waiting list. Most people on the list do get in and the sooner you sign up the better your chance.
I got an email saying I was on the waitlist. In fact, I got two of them, probably because I kept refreshing and resubmitting? Even though I got only one screen waitlist message..............
Is there anything else I should to?


Staff member
well I just heard I'm #1 on the waitlist!!! good news indeed.
I'm sure you will get in since your #1 on the list. In the past most people on the list do have a chance to come as we go through the waiting list contacting people for cancels. Most cancels happen just before the second payment is due and again a week or two before the road trip begins.

Barbara P

YAY I got an email from Nancy today that I'm in and have to sign up...but when I follow the link she gave me, I'm getting the same error message I got on sign up day....on my PC and my brand new phone (so there is no history there....) so now I'm not sure what to do. I did email her back.

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