Question for those who get the newsletter


For some reason I don't get the newletter anymore. Checked my spam and it's not in there.

Did Cathe say anything about how much the pre-order price would be for her fabulous new project?



Here is the pricing per SNM.

We're going to pretty much follow the same pre-sale format as we did with the Low Impact series. Initially we will be offering two Limited Edition Box sets: XTRAIN without "Ride" for $89.97 and XTRAIN with "Ride" for $99.97 (both box set prices include FREE Worldwide Expedited Shipping). In either case this is a 50% savings over purchasing the DVDs individually. We will not be selling the individual DVDs until much later on.

Also remember, you can also purchase any of our current in stock DVDs, including our two newest: CrossFire and To The Max and get free worldwide shipping on both your pre-sale and current in stock DVDs. You can also get free shipping on most of our fitness products too (just look for the green truck icon). Current in stock items will ship now and your pre-sale DVDs will ship when available.

You will also be able to pre-order Downloads and DVD/Download Discount Bundles.


Thank you, Marazoe, for the pricing information. I was curious. It makes sense to presale. I learned in 2007 almost too late.

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